Knight Study by Stay Puft

Had a couple free hours this weekend so I decided to try out a new brush I've been toying with.  Piece was done with the one brush manually rotating it around like crazy (I need a wacom art pen for rotation control).  Took about 3 hours, no photo or color sampling.

Couple steps below

Couple simple Plein Air style studies by Stay Puft

New little training thing for myself

 I used only 1 brush with no textures or any type of overlays.  I've been wanting to do simple sketches like this lately in order to help me focus on getting the simple shapes and colors correct without getting caught up in any details.  My plan is to do 1 every other night or so and slowly re-introduce more complex detail brushes and textures as I gain confidence in my ability to get the major masses correct the first time, each time.

Another by Stay Puft

From the same cancelled project from before.  This was for an upgrade-able airfield.  Which would be one of your major defend-able locations.   Losing the field would disable your ability to give supply drops and air support bombings.

First post in forever by Stay Puft

Some BW Sketches

This top piece was done a little differently from my normal process, I started with a white background and drew the whole thing toward dark (like a pencil sketch) with a single texture brush.  Fun way to work.